Travaux en cours

Work in Progress

  • How is the consumption of the young and the elderly financed? Evolution over the last 30 years,  with the French NTA team.

  • Long-term effects of maternity on labor market outcomes: measuring the family pension gap ?, with Benoît Rapoport (Université de Paris I et Ined)

  • Gender Inequality after Divorce: The Flip Side of Marital Specialization Evidence from a French Administrative Database, with Bertrand Garbinti (Crest-Insee, PSE) et Anne Solaz (Ined)
  • Union dissolution and mental health: a strong indirect effect of the economic penalty for separated women in France, with Anne-Lise Biotteau (Ined) et Emmanuelle Cambois (Ined)
  • Prime et pénalité salariales à la vie en couple : mariage versus cohabitation, with Bruno Jeandidier (BETA, Univ. de Lorraine) et Anne Solaz (Ined)
  • Inequalities between men and women in retirement pensions: Are determinants the same in the private and public sectors?, with Dominique Meurs (Paris X University and Ined) and Benoît Rapoport (Université de Paris I et Ined)
  • Financing long-term care through housing in Europe, with Sandrine Juin (Ined and Paris-Est University) and Anne Laferrère (Insee, Crest).

  • Accès à la propriété : des disparités croissantes selon le niveau de vie et un rôle important des aides de la famille, with Bertrand Garbinti (Crest-Insee, PSE) et Sébastien Grobon (Insee)

  • Changes in job stability and its impact on the quality of the working life : an analysis by generation, with Benoît Rapoport (U. of Paris 1 and Ined) and Delphine Remillon (Ined)

  • Impact of birth timing on women’s careers: changes over generations ?, with Benoit Rapoport (Paris 1 and Ined), Ariane Pailhé (Ined) and Anne Solaz (Ined)