Work in progress

Working Papers

  •  Gendered Economic Determinants of Couple Formation over 50 in France, with F. Godet (Insee) and A. Solaz (Ined), 2019 Insee Working paper, n° G2019/13 
  • Wealth Inequalities among Seniors: the Roles of Marital Histories across cohorts, with E. Martino (Ined, CHILD), B. Rapoport (U. of Paris 1 and Ined) and A. Solaz (Ined)
  • "The Gendered Economic Consequences of Grey Divorce in France", with L. Cimelli (Ined) and A. Solaz (Ined)
  • "Measuring widowhood duration : Theoretical developments and empirical evidence for France", with J. Tréguier (Ined, IPP) and D. Blanchet (IPP)
  • How are women catching up? A slow decline of the gender pension gap between generations, with D. Meurs (U. Nanterre) and B. Rapoport (U. of Paris 1 and Ined)

Work in Progress

  • Marital shocks and mortality in France: recent evidence from panel tax data,  with G. Ferrari (Ined), L. Toulemon (Ined) and A. Solaz (Ined)
  • Changes in job stability and its impact on the quality of the working life : an analysis by generation, with B. Rapoport (U. of Paris 1 and Ined) and D. Remillon (Ined)